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tv   [untitled]    May 28, 2012 1:30pm-2:00pm PDT

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>> good morning. thank you for joining us at city hall. i am a former san francisco county supervisor and secretary. a currently serving the united states commission on civil proud day in san francisco where civil and equal rights and economic opportunity. we are here this morning to announce that lennar corporation and its partnerships in the candlestick development are delivering a check for $7.2 million to the san francisco foundation. [applause] the check will be delivered to the san francisco foundation who will hold it on behalf of the community of bayview-hunters
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point and all of district 10 lennar -- district and. [applause] this money is for community benefits, specifically job training and affordable housing, and will benefit the entire community of the bay view- hunters point, and all of district 10. we have a few instrumental people who will make brief remarks. i would like to begin with the president of lennar urban, the managing partner of the group developing candlestick point project. mr. bonner is a nationally recognized urban planner and redevelopment experts. we are very lucky to have him as
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the manager of this entire project. [applause] >> thank you very much. $7.2 million gets a lot of nice things said about you. thank you very much. welcome and thank you for coming. i specifically would like to say to mayor lee, thank you for all of the support, leadership, and guidance on this project. i would like to thank supervisor ocohen for everything you do and your leadership. [applause] thank you for your guidance and support on this project. supervisor maxwell may not be here. she was always in the trenches with us and was incredibly important to the process. [applause] there are several supervisors
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who may not be here who were really supportive during the lengthy process. in san francisco, we have a blood sport called the entitlement project. it is always great to have supporters who were also decisionmakers. there are many who are currently on the board who were supportive and many new on the board who were supportive. i would like to thank the intensely committed community. i see several members here. this is a small portion of the community that supported us. but for this community and their commitment, lennar would probably have left the city. but they supported us and give us the strength and spirit to go forward. i would personally like to thank you all on behalf of the partnership. [applause]
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>> one of the things that happens when you have to go to about 500 community meetings is that around 455th meeting, you began to hear what the community is telling you. we heard a couple of things loud and clear through those community meetings. the community said these have been bad economic times over the last six years. i do not need to tell anybody that. the community said clearly we want to make sure there is additional funding to support our work in getting retrained and readmitted back into the workforce to take advantage of some of the new work opportunities that exist or will exist because of our project. we said we hear you. one of the other things we heard is that there has been a steady
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out-migration of young families from district and. we would like to setup a funding mechanism to support and encourage these young families to stay in the community. as the community grows, we have the ability to assist them to stay in the community. we heard you. [applause] on behalf of my organization and the partnership we represent, i am delighted to be standing here with the ability to provide a $ 7.2 million check the will assist in those spots -- specific endeavors. [applause] i will say i am really pleased that the implementation committee representing this community believes in this
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effort and has picked the san francisco foundation. the san francisco foundation is a venerable and a steam organization. it has been in the community for many years. it is exactly the kind of entity that can assist us all in providing the programming, guidance, and counseling to ensure these funds are used exactly in the manner we would like to see them used. on behalf of lennar and partnership, on behalf of others, i want to thank you all for coming. i want to thank cac, members of ad 10, rev. walker. we have spent many nights and evenings together working to make this day a reality.
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we love the fact we are a developer in district 10. we love the fact that we are beginning to work together so that we will all share this vision of a spectacular debut -- bay view over the next 20 years and onwards. thank you all for coming. [applause] >> thank you. now i would like to ask mayor lee, a staunch advocate for civil rights in his own right, and a great promoter of jobs in this city and economic revitalization and economic justice, mayor edwin lee. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, when he turned a second ago and mentioned our cooperation, let me tell you if it means a lot.
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we are at a stage where we are fulfilling a very old promise that you have all been a part of. if you have listened carefully to every speech i have made, i have been careful not to create new promises when we have a long list of old promises yet to be fulfilled in this city. now we are beginning to do that. we are beginning to put money and resources behind it so that all of you who've never worked so many years on the advisory committee, implementation committee, the volunteer committees, trying to think a positive stories to tell to revise people that this is a city for all this, believe it. it is not just promises. we're starting to fulfill those promises. it feels great to do that. i see this -- it sounds like a lot of money, but it is part of
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a larger promise. somewhere around $35 million? >> $30 million. >> i will always try to increase its. [laughter] you know it. it is part of what you described earlier. i get to be a part of it. it is a promise to the community that they will incur the richness of our city and be part of the planning. they are part of the rebuilding. they're part of the employment and education opportunities. it is all here in front of us. i want to say simply that not only is it part of the old promises, but around us at the state and federal level, there is so much disagreement. there is so much going on pulling our attention away and making us-in what we see the
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future to be. i am all about building on those old promises and making sure people believe in us as we take on the reins of leadership in this city. we mean what we say about these promises. we want our african-american community to thrive in san francisco. we want to turn away from the out-migration. with this foundation, with our adherence to all of the thousands of hours -- by the way, when we look at each other, we smile. there are still battles. we're right in the middle of it. every time we get a call from somebody in the governor's office, we're on the phone with each other because they still do not understand and have to be educated. despite the elimination of redevelopment, we are there with
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money, checks, and resources. we will do it. [applause] there is no secret as to how we do it. we do it with the residents of our se sector believing as a city we can fulfill that promise. we also do it with labor. we do it with our churches and our religious leaders. we do it with activists in the community. we do it with the organizing projects that have been faithful in working with the community to remind us of what our obligations are. we do it with the san francisco foundation because they know these promises are at the heart of everything we believe and why we are still here in our city. whether i am a civil rights activist, a lawyer, a dpw director, or a mayor, i am not going anywhere until this is fulfilled.
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>> now we would like to continue with supervisor cohen who ably represents district 10 where the investment will be made. [applause] >> ok. i can empathize. this process is enough to knock anyone off of their feet. i am going to have to stick to my notes. that is enough to shake me. it is good to see you. thank you for being here today. as the mayor mentioned, the committee process is unlike any process and project in the city. it took decades and was often challenging, being the longest public hearing of any project. the results were something truly unique insignificant. the years of work and dedication
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by the community are represented today. if you look around, you see friends from all walks of life coming to celebrate. lennar and its partners have produced something more than just a public-private partnership. it has created a coalition of public and private entities committed not just to the physical improvements of the south eastern neighborhoods but also investing in and lifting up our current residents and organizations, as you saw demonstrated today. it is no secret the southeast neighborhoods have significant challenges. with the partnership and project, for the first time when we talk about bayview, we do not just talk about the disparity and needs. we do not just talk about a lot -- the lack. [applause]
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we're not just speaking from a tradition of deficit. the community is focused not on fighting for investment, but rather, in gauging on how best to shape the significant investment that is coming. in an era of uncertainty around redevelopment funds, has not backed away -- lennar has come back away from their commitment, as to renegotiate their promises, or wait to see the full period of the redevelopment agency actually means. rather, they have done what they know is right in the community expects of them. they have continued to deliver on their furniture commitments. this is a long-term project and their investment in the southeast neighborhood, and it is important that we as a city not lose sight of why we fought so hard for this development.
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we brought thousands of dollars to the city. it is building one of the most dilapidated public housing sites in the city. [applause] this project is also delivering hundreds of acres of public open space. it is improving and keeping our state park running, and it is investing in our residents to ensure they have a vibrant economic future. so i want to thank the members of 8010, thank you, labor, sfop, the citizens advisory committee, the san francisco foundation, lennar, and the community members that dedicated their time to make sure that the southeast neighborhoods are not known for what they used to be, but for what they will be. thank you. [applause]
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>> now i want to ask mr. richard thompson, representing the community groups that negotiated this important community investment. mr. hobson. [applause] >> good morning. my name is richard hobson. i am a member of san francisco case, the alliance for californians for community empowerment. on behalf of the government body accountable for these funds, including the san francisco organizing project, san francisco labor counsel, the pac, cac, and mr. j moody, i want to emphasize our commitment in helping to build strong district and community, especially in the neighborhood that have been historically left out of economic opportunities in san francisco. our city is at risk of losing the economic and racial mix that are the keys to a healthy,
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diverse, and vibrant city. that is why this community benefits agreement, the only one of its kind in san francisco, that we negotiated with the developer are significant. they provide a sorely needed investment into the future of the bayview hunters point and district 10. the benefits are broad. and they create access to new homes in the development for both low income and working class district 10 families and residents. and with the goal of stemming the loss of affordable housing in and around the surrounding area, this agreement is also part of a strategy to bring those families who have been displaced back to the community. [applause] this agreement also secures funds for job training and
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workforce development grants, and provides the opportunity for stable, living wage careers in the community. later this month, we will be launching a community input campaign so that we may be guided by district and residents and our strategy for the use of the funds from our agreement. together, 8010 and the ic are committed to a transparent and accountable process that ensures all of the funds are deployed for the benefit of district 10 residents as an investment in the economic future of our communities. thank you. at this time, i want to introduce dr. hernandez. >> thank you. it is very nice to be here. i am glad i was here. it is a real opportunity, i think, for the san francisco
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foundation to be playing the important supporter role that the community and lennar have asked us to play. we are a community organization that is committed to economic and social justice issues in district 10, as we are throughout the city and region. the specific rules we will be playing will be to administer these funds to have the maximum impact in support of the implementation committee in the areas of affordable housing and job-training, as has been mentioned. these are two areas that are the priorities to the san francisco foundation, and we have been investing in for many years. we look forward to as well a very accountable, transparent process. there have been many, many hours by the implementation committee to understand these types of programs and to begin to understand how to have maximum impact.
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i want to thank all of them for their partnership, kofi for your confidence in the foundation. we look forward to continuing the work with the city. it is a day that is important in terms of getting the gift. it will be the best day when we actually have families living in the district, in affordable housing, and jobs that are really created to make economic prosperity. thank you very much. [applause] >> now i would like to ask mr. bonner, if you would -- and i want to ask members of the community, anyone who participated in any effort, to bring about this day, to please gather around for the presentation of the check. our friends from the fake-based communities, or as labor,
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implementation committee, dr. hahn a cut, dr. walker, please.
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